Articles on the battery industry's pursuit of circularity

Discussions of subjects ranging from the Inflation Reduction Act, EU Battery Regulation, and the connundrum of recycling vs second life li-ion batteries

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Read more on how to maximise the commercial and environmental benefits of batteries and other topics regarding the global energy transition.


Behind the Scenes: The Intricate Logistics of Battery Circularity

Credit: Midjourney by Discord From A-B is a gross oversimplification. Within A-B, there is a vast gulf of many different outcomes and pathways. The…


On Battery Passports – Circularity Secured or a False Dawn?

Picture Credit: Dall.E.2 The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) launched the long-awaited Battery Passport at Davos with great fanfare. The result of prolonged efforts by…

Top 50 individuals with significant contributions to battery circularity in 2022

As the year draws to a close, it’s important to recognise the individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to making battery circularity…

EV Batteries – Who controls them? Who owns them?

“Possession is nine-tenths of the law” – a guiding principle when it comes to circular supply chains. Possession and control of EV batteries, however, is very complex. In our latest blog, the considerations that OEMs face when setting and implementing circular strategies are unpacked.

On the Inflation Reduction Act, new EU Battery Regulation, and Energy Security

Picture credit: DALL-E “Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above a Sea of Electric Vehicles” Introduction Twin sets of regulation are making their way through Europe…

Why the promise of sustainable batteries depends on shared data

The need for immediate climate change solutions is driving exponential growth of the batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs). To reiterate our latest blog,…

On recycling vs second life

“Should a used battery go to second life or recycling?” is a common question we hear. There is nothing wrong with asking it, but…

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