Closing the loop of electric vehicle batteries

Connecting the battery ecosystem to ensure batteries are reused, repurposed and recycled.

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Matching supply and demand of EV batteries

Cling’s b2b market platform aggregates used li-ion batteries from car dismantlers, repair workshops, production lines, and other collectors worldwide. A closed loop is enabled by providing vetted reusers, repurposers and recyclers a reliable and predictable feed; avoiding the problems that come with a fragmented and intermittent supply.

Battery systems come in all shapes and forms and with vastly different properties. Each of these have been used differently and must individually be evaluated for reuse, repurposing and recycling. These factors create a complex matching problem – where is each battery located and where should each battery go?


Sellers of used batteries

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Chem2Pack model

Cling is answering these questions for customers by building a data model called Chem2Pack. It maps out which chemistries, cells and modules are contained in which battery packs. It contains details of which cells are in which modules, and which chemistries are in which cells.

Chem2Pack includes the location, dimensions, form factors, and other relevant parameters for the corresponding batteries. This enables sellers and buyers to capture the remaining economic and environmental value – whether it is energy in second life applications or raw material content for recyclers.

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“Cling is spot on with their market platform that facilitates batteries to faster become circular and enables the critical raw material to eventually become the basis for new batteries”

Michael Abraham, CEO of Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund and Bilretur

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