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Enabling circularity

The platform enabling battery circularity

By streamlining procurement and removing market frictions, Cling's circular platform helps both battery repurposers to build safe and cost effective second life energy systems, and battery recyclers to produce new recycled raw material.

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Maximising commercial and environmental value

Depending on the quality and safety, electric vehicle batteries can be repurposed into second life energy storage or recycled to provide sustainable raw material to new batteries. Battery value is always maximised by being considered for both repurposing and recycling, and by streamlining the operations, including warehousing, testing, dismantling, shipping, and more.

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Our story

At Cling, we dedicate our time and effort to enable battery circularity to enable both society and nature to thrive in the long term.

Fostering personal connections

As part of our pursuit of circularity, we host a repeating casual and people-first event called Beers&Batts, as well regularly participate in the industry conferences shaping the future of energy. Welcome! 

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We are a startup based in Stockholm that promotes sustainability and resilience in the battery
supply chain.

Our team is united by promoting circularity, and we're continuously looking for passionate
individuals to join our team. If you’re seeking an purposeful challenge, this might be your next adventure.

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