A sustainable battery revolution through circularity

Providing greater energy security, market intelligence, and traceability

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Building the Online Mine

The industries powering our society are taking important steps from linear supply chains with “centralised” mines where one single company owns that asset, to “decentralised” mines where countless of end-of-life waste owners collectively own the assets.

Circularity is all about efficient collection and sorting (ask anyone at a recycling company). Collection is all about creating the right incentives to the waste owners. As waste becomes assets, together with legislation, those incentives all about are trading.

Cling is digitising the trading of waste batteries and mapping their critical raw materials. We call this intricate map the Online Mine.

In short, Cling aims to bring 3 core values to the market:

  • Reduced market friction by connecting industry players and setting up terms that distributes the risks across multiple participants.
  • Increased transparency by tracking and tracing where end-of-life batteries are, and where they go. Future-compatible with any battery passport regulations.
  • Reduced logistics costs by effectively clustering and consolidating the fragmented supply.


The Cling Systems team

William Bergh

Founder & CEO

Designed battery packs for recycling and developed recycling strategies at Northvolt.

Gunnar Magnusson


A true industry pioneer. Led Volvo Car’s remanufacturing of EV batteries.

Axel Sundberg

Tech lead

Software engineer from Spotify going climate-tech to make a big impact.

Eden Yates

Head of marketing

Senior consultant from Brunswick focused on the tech and energy sectors.

Rasmus Lindqvist

Head of Data

Data wizard from Debricked.

Filippa Hector

UI/UX Designer

Multi-disciplinary designer.

Ira Kansara

Data Analyst and Battery Researcher

Top student from SSE building out our battery data infrastructure.

Muhamet Rrahmani

Data Analyst and Battery Researcher

Top student from SSE building out our battery data infrastructure.

Johan Andersson

Senior Business Advisor

Downstream energy executive advising on commercial strategy and scaling opportunities.

Elias Kull

Sales Director

Schneider Electric's Global Director secures battery supply and demand while building lasting customer partnerships to scale the business.

Axel Wimby

Supply Chain Manager

Consultant from Efficio managing and supervising the expanding logistics operations of Cling Systems.

Board of Directors and advisors

Reilly Brennan

Board Member

General Partner at Trucks VC. Long history in the automotive industry and innovation.

David Schelin

Board Member

Recycling guru with deep understanding of the circular industry.

Claes Bidemar

Board member

Experienced executive from the global mobile industry.

Oliver Pawela

Board member

Investment manager at First Venture with a background from wind power development.

Rune Nordlander

Deputy member

Founding partner at First Venture. Engineer with vast board and startup experience.

Axel Elmqvist

Impact advisor

Sustainability lead at Verdane Capital with experience from Material Economics, Oliver Wyman and N26.

Gunilla Bergh

Marketing advisor

Founder and CEO of Engage Marketing crowned the marketing queen of Sweden.

Peter Gullström

Team advisor

Founder and CEO of Headlight International with a global executive search understanding.

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Investors & partners

We are proud to have attracted a highly skilled support system, investors and partners. It provides incentives and necessary resources to scale quickly and maximise our impact. If you are interested in becoming a part of this journey, reach out!

Press releases

Seed funding secured

December 2021

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For more information please contact:
Eden Yates / eden@clingsystems.com / +46 (0) 76 308 45 85

Our presskit includes logotype, team pictures, vision statement etc.

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