We believe in a sustainable future

To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, we as a society must drastically increase our common efforts and collaboration.

New innovative solutions for solving soon-to-be existential problems can’t come too soon.

Cling Systems was founded on this need, and on the belief in collaboration in joined efforts for future prosperity. We strive to enable efficient and responsible trading of future critical energy systems, at the end of their first or second (or even longer) lives, to ensure circular and competitive global value chains. Circular value chains make sustainable energy more sustainable and promote a win-win-win for all stakeholders, and society. Join us!

The Cling Team

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Cling Systems is the beginning of a new era of material extraction. By coupling each battery with its material content and location, Cling is developing the world’s first online mine.

The Cling Team

Cling is powered and supported by a uniquely experienced and passionate team bringing knowledge from the battery, automotive and recycling industries, as well as sustainability management, consulting and venture capital. We share a drive for technical innovation that solves real and soon-to-be existential problems. We understand that we must act now.

Team members

William Bergh


The nerd. Designed battery packs for recycling and developed recycling strategies.

Mauro Avellaneda


The doer. 3 years in law, pivoting to battery workshop and software developer.

Gunnar Magnusson


The pioneer. The brain behind Volvo Car’s global handling of end-of-life EV batteries.


Axel Elmqvist

Sustainability Lead


David Schelin



Ebba Lilliehöök

M&A Lead


Claes Bidemar

Former CEO

Telia Ventures

Investors & Partners

We are proud to have attracted a highly skilled support system, investors and partners. It provides incentives and necessary resources to scale quickly and maximise our impact. If you are interested in becoming a part of this journey, please get in touch!