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Top 50 individuals with significant contributions to battery circularity in 2022
December 28, 2022
Top 50 individuals with significant contributions to battery circularity in 2022

As the year draws to a close, it's important to recognise the individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to making battery circularity a reality in their respective fields. Their effort and dedication have made important strides in the development of

  • State-of-health and remaining-useful-life models. Both through software and hardware
  • Supply-chain business models and cross-industry partnerships
  • Industrialised recycling processes to recover high rates of Co, Ni and Li
  • Industrialised repurposing processes enabling MWh 2nd-life ESS, and using EV-batteries with <70% SOH
  • Passports to make way for full lifecycle traceability
  • In-depth market analytics on pricing, chemistries, technologies and timeline
  • Battery regulations pushing for battery data transparency and progressive rates for collection, repurposing and recycling

It is important to note that the progress towards battery circularity has been achieved through incremental improvements and a willingness to continuously learn and adapt. These efforts serve as a model for how we can approach sustainability challenges in other areas and drive progress towards a wider circular economy. By supporting these individuals and their work, we can all help drive the progress of a more sustainable future.

Thank you all for this year, we can't wait to continue the journey toward our common goal of sustainability in 2023.The Cling team(All names are hyperlinked to respective Linkedin profile)

  1. Gordon Gassmann - CEO - Mercedes-Benz Energy
  2. Emma Nehrenheim - Chief Environmental Officer - Northvolt
  3. JB Straubel - Founder and CEO - Redwood Materials
  4. Matthew Lumsden - CEO - ConnectedEnergy
  5. Steven Meersman - CEO - Zenobe
  6. Ajay Kochhar - Co-founder and CEO - Li-cycle
  7. Kadri Simson - Commissioner for Energy - European Commission
  8. Sumreen Rattan - Co-founder and COO - Moment Energy
  9. Leanne Kemp - CEO - Everledger
  10. Kai-Philipp Kairies - Co-founder and CEO - Accure
  1. Marcus Martinsson - Product Area Manager Batteries - Stena Recycling Group
  2. Luise Müller-Hofstede - Director Of Business Development - Circulor
  3. Ryan Melsert - CEO and CTO - ABTC
  4. Hans Eric Melin - Managing Director - Circular Energy Storage
  5. Inga Petersen - Executive Director - Global Battery Alliance
  6. Sarah Montgomery - Co-founder and CEO - Infyos
  7. Jeanette Duttlinger - General Manager - ICM AG
  8. David Oudsandji - Founder and CEO - Voltfang
  9. Stefan Bahamonde - CEO - Libattion
  10. Mohamed Bensabban - General Manager - Econoili
  1. Sarah Fleischer - Co-founder and CEO - toZero
  2. Rob Feldman - President & CEO - Interco Trading Co
  3. Ilka von Dalwigk - Policy Manager - InnoEnergy
  4. Tyler Armstrong - President & CEO - Lithion
  5. Jon Asin - Co-founder and CEO - Bee Planet Factory
  6. Irena Spazzapan - Managing Partner - Systemiq Capital
  7. Laurent Segalen - Managing Partner - Megawatt-X
  8. Linda Gaines - Transportation System Analyst - Argonne National Laboratory
  9. Johan van Peperzeel - Managing Director - van Peperzeel
  10. Xue Wang - CMO - Botree Cycling
  11. Thore Sekkenes - Industry Director - European Battery Alliance
  12. Veli-Erkki Ruotsalainen - Co-Founder and COO - Cactos
  13. Ulderico Ulissi - Freelance Consultant - Freelance Consultant
  14. Nishchay Chadha - CEO - Ace-green Recycling
  15. Gavin Harper - Research Fellow - University of Birmingham
  16. Simon Moores - CEO - Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
  17. Ane Dalum - Strategy and Business Owner High Voltage Batteries - VolvoCars
  18. Jessica Dunn - Lithium-ion Battery Sustainability Researcher - Union ofConcerned Scientists
  19. Steve Levine - Editor - TheElectric
  20. Veronika Wright - Social Entrepreneur & Battery Expert

This list has been developed by the Cling team with inputs from its external industry partners. We believe it reflects people who indeed have made significant contributions to the pursuit of battery circularity. Nevertheless, we know there are many others out there who are making amazing and important work. If you believe we missed someone or if there is someone we should keep an eye on for next years list, do let us know at

If you are involved in the end-of-life ecosystem of batteries and have business inquiries, please reach out directly to or register to our trading platform at

Via the platform, you can  among other things get daily notifications on the batteries coming available for recycling and repurposing.

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