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Securing reliable battery supply is critical for scaling any re-X business. The biggest challenge is to even get access to the supply in a crowded market. Strengthen your supply chains and lower your logistics costs through a one-point-of-contact to consolidated supply from owners of used batteries from all across the world.

Maximise market reach

Full service solutions

Access market insights

Maximise market reach

Cling’s b2b trading platform consolidates supply from a large network of scalable supply sources.

  • Reach car dismantlers, repair workshops, production lines, and other collection systems worldwide.
  • Reach the batteries outside established OEM take-back systems.

Full-service solutions

Stay safe and stay compliant. Meet the full needs of customers and accompanying regulatory requirements with a full-service solution.

  • Access services for dismantling, testing, packaging and shipping. We have internal expertise and a trusted partner network.
  • Single point of contact for documentation and audit trailing. Usage of ADR compliant packaging and shipping options.

Access market insights

Benefit from granular insights on end-of-life battery values and specifications via Cling’s Chem2Pack data model.

  • Correlations between residual value, SOH, costs of handling and treatment, and battery whereabouts per model.
  • Mapping of which chemistries, cells and modules are contained in which battery packs.

“Cling is spot on with their market platform that facilitates batteries to faster become circular and enables the critical raw material to eventually become the basis for new batteries”

Michael Abraham, CEO of Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund and Bilretur

Get started buying your batteries with Cling Systems

Specify your demand

Specify your battery supply needs together with the Cling team.

Negotiate price

The Cling team works to find the best sources of relevant batteries.

Finalise transaction

Cling supports you with finding the right volumes, prices and terms.

Supply is constantly updated and expanded. Contact us today

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Frequently asked questions

Market price is determined by matching supply and demand. We have identified the key parameters that impact the price. By mediating the conversation between seller and buyer, we help the parties to converge towards an acceptable amount.

Please get in touch with us to book a demo, register to the platform, or get in touch via In these meetings we can give overview and cover available demand.

It depends. On occasion we will purchase the batteries in order to facilitate a smoother process for the seller and buyer. In other cases we broker the deals.

The commission varies from case to case and the quality and history of the batteries. Please get in touch and book a meeting with us to find out more on our approach.

We can perform tests via working with a trusted network of testing partners. This can be done at the seller site, or at our partner’s sites.

Cling Systems orchestrates the transport and logistics. We do this in collaboration with a network shipping partners who specialise in end of life li-ion batteries. This includes the appropriate usage of Dangerous Goods Shipping Note and appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets.

Cling trades any and all batteries. Our focus, however, is on lithium-ion batteries in used EV batteries.

Yes, a sign up with Cling and subsequent customer due-dilligence is a pre-requisite to trading with us.

Yes. We can offer full-service solutions depending on customer requirements, available supply and corresponding demand.

Cling does not offer any insurance or warranties as part of core business. We work with relevant parties to ensure relevant insurances, guarantees, and warranties are forwarded.

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