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The platform for global battery circularity

Enabled by the world’s most comprehensive battery​data infrastructure.

It's all about matching
supply and demand
Trading - matching supply and the demand of reuse, repurposing and recycling on a technical specifications, order quantities, price, and terms.  
Tracing - creating digital passports for the unique batteries come as default when buying and selling via the platform, enabling end-of-life traceability and simplifies transfer of producer responsibility.
Transporting - global logistic solutions together with our logistics partners unlocks global supply and demand and minimises the procurement costs.
Growing the world’s most comprehensive battery database, constructed on a proprietary chem2pack data infrastructure.
Exceptional Battery Explorer, making sourcing for re-X more reliable and predictable.
Managing and carefully transferring liabilities, warranties and extended producer responsibilities to reduce regulatory grey zones.
Developing a battery pricing engine. The pricing engine enables us to trade and unfreeze the market.
Building the world’s first Circular Asset Management (CAM) system, empowering enterprise customers (OEMs, Producers, and Fleets) with compliant and smooth end-of-life management.
Enabling scalable trade through our proprietary market platform and trading support tools.
Creating digital documentation tools that generate, store, and distribute documentation, streamlining logistics, international trade, and enabling traceability.
Decentralising the processes for dismantling and testing processes to make used batteries fit for reuse, repurposing, and recycling.
Developing an international service partner network to test, dismantle, and store batteries.
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Industry Perspectives
"Demand for critical minerals for clean energy technologies is set to increase rapidly in all IEA scenarios."
Critical Minerals Market Review 2023, International Energy Agency
"It is expected that the demand for batteries will grow rapidly in the coming years, notably for electric road transport vehicles and light means of transport using batteries for traction, making the market for batteries an increasingly strategic one at the global level."
Official Journal of the European Union, Regulation concerning batteries and waste batteries, 2023
“Cling is spot on with their market platform that facilitates batteries to faster become circular and enables the critical raw material to eventually become the basis for new batteries”
Michael Abraham, CEO of Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund and Bilretur
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