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Explore supply opportunities, streamline the collaborative sourcing across teams, structure deliveries and payment schedule.
One point of contact to a global battery market.

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Explore supply opportunities

Browse and compare battery cells, modules and packs. Access new, used, over-stock and scrap batteries from around the world. With unparalleled data coverage.

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Collaborative Sourcing

Plan your procurement with us. Draft and share supply documents across your key departments—Design, R&D, Finance, Logistics, and Production—with ease.

Enhance collaboration within your organization for the supplies you're acquiring. Take control of your procurement.

Trade finance

Structure delivery and payment schedules

Limited by cashflow? Access trade finance solutions to expand you possibilities. Optimise your cash flow with credit from Cling.

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Streamlined Process

We've perfected and streamlined the procurement process so you don't have to, guiding you from finding the right batteries to managing inventory and financing.

Expert Support

We're here with a team full of expertise and knowledge, ready to provide guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and efficient procurement experience tailored to your needs.


Our expansive network, comprising stakeholders from the entire value chain, enables us to deliver the best service and deals throughout the procurement process.

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