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Selling used batteries for safe and proper reuse and repurposing is a nascent market. Few professional buyers know exactly what they are looking for – and when they do they want large and predictable volumes and consistent qualities. The Cling platform helps by providing the original specs of your batteries, virtually pooling them with hundreds of other sellers to create the necessary volumes.

Reach buyers worldwide

Full-service solutions

Trade with pre-qualified buyers

Reach buyers worldwide

Cling’s b2b trading platform matches your batteries, drawing from a large network of verified buyers globally.

  • Match with repurposers, reusers and recyclers of batteries based on the energy or material value.
  • Cling has buyers for battery packs, modules and cells from EVs, micro mobility and stationary storage and for all chemistries, including NMC, LFP, NCA, or NiMH.

Full service solutions

Access services for dismantling, testing and shipping via our trusted partner network.

  • Our Chem2Pack database is the most comprehensive battery database out there. It helps mapping the original specifications to your specific batteries.
  • Single point of contact for documentation and audit trailing. Usage of ADR compliant packaging and shipping options.
  • Get the best recycling offers for your batteries that are not fit for a second life.

Trade with pre-qualified buyers

Benefit from a constantly expanding network of buyers. Increase the value of your batteries by aggregating the supply with other sources such as dismantlers, production lines, and other collection systems.

  • This includes volumes that are large and consistent enough for companies that need predictable and reliable supply.
  • Get a reduced time to sale and time of dangerous goods in storage.

“Cling is spot on with their market platform that facilitates batteries to faster become circular and enables the critical raw material to eventually become the basis for new batteries”

Michael Abraham, CEO of Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund and Bilretur

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Specify your supply

Easily list your batteries on the Cling platform. Powered by the Chem2Pack model.

Identifying demand

Cling works to find demand and the best prices and terms.

Completing the deal

Cling orchestrates the logistics and payments.

List your batteries for purchase today.

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Frequently asked questions

Market price is determined by matching supply and demand. We have identified key parameters that impact the price. By mediating the conversation between seller and buyer, we help the parties to converge to an acceptable amount.

Please get in touch with us to book a demo, register to the platform, or get in touch via In these meetings we can give overview and cover available demand.

It depends. On occasion we will purchase the batteries in order to facilitate a smoother process for the seller and buyer.

The commission varies from case to case and the quantity, quality, and history of the batteries. Please get in touch and book a meeting with us to find out more on our approach.

We can perform tests via working with a trusted network of testing partners. This can be done on site, or at our partner sites.

Yes. Cling Systems handles transport and logistics. We do this in collaboration with our shipping partner who is specialized in handling end of life li-ion batteries. This includes the appropriate usage of Dangerous Goods Shipping Notes and appropriate Safety Data Sheets.

Yes, we have registered buyers in over 20 countries, this includes across Asia and North America.

Yes. We can offer full-service solutions depending on customer requirements, available supply and corresponding demand.

Cling does not offer any insurance or warranties as part of core business. We work with relevant parties to ensure relevant insurances, guarantees, and warranties are forwarded.

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